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L & A Metals LLC chooses the most resilient, economically-sensible materials available for your new metal roof. Whether you’re going with sheet-like panels or shingles, let our professionals provide you with the best materials. Here at L & A Metals LLC, we understand that putting up a new roof is a big investment and a feature of your house that you will have to live with for a long time. The materials we provide have been used and approved by many contractors and companies.

L & A Metals LLC is pleased to announce that we now offer roll former service for residential and commercial jobs which we can provide at our location as well as at the job site depending of your needs.

Your business is really important to us at L & A Metals LLC, this is why we give our best every day to continue building a mutually beneficial relationship with you all. We are always interested in doing what is best for our customers. We can assist you at any time when you have a question. 

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